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WITT tutor Emma Collins was among the winners at South Taranaki's annual Ronald Hugh Morrieson Literary awards last night. The awards, open to Taranaki residents, celebrate the life of Morrieson who wrote four novels - The Scarecrow, Came A Hot Friday, Predicament and Pallet on the Floor. Wednesday's awards at the TSB Hub were the 30 and were judged by Apirana Taylor, Rachel Stedmen and Matt Rilkoff.

Emma Collins (pictured with South Taranaki major Ross Dulop) won the Open Story section with a piece which unashamedly mentioned WITT's training care, The Study Break, and the home of WITT's Hawera campus, Union St.

Christmas came and went and by the middle of winter the forms were at last filled in correctly and the contractors engaged.

The landowners only wanted to save the wrought iron posts and lacework.

After that, they kept bumping into each other on the corner.

His name was Blake and he was going for his HT licence.

The boss said he could start learning permitting next. She told him about her plans to start her own café.

Most of the time there were groups of old dudes with beards and orange vests standing around smoking and talking and eating pies. Tamzin listened in on the old dudes when she went down to the corner in the middle of town for a smoke."Knock it down" they said Traffic cones and temporary barriers went around the derelict building and the digger arrived.Then the trucks with "Asbestos removal" came and freaked out the people working at the WINZ office, next door to the Central."Yeah, some crowd from Auckland offered fifty k for two weeks to salvage the native timber from the floors and stuff, but the council says it has to come down within the agreed timeframe" said one "No time to get the consents" "I bet that old pub could tell some stories" said another. A crowd gathered, rather like the WINZ office on a Tuesday morning, when the digger finally started in on the Central."I remember…" was how they started, it was quite social watching the digger at work. Tamzin was slightly disappointed when she realised there was to be no wrecking ball smashing it down, she had visions of posing like Miley.

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