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_______________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions about "Online Public Speaking" Because the Fundamentals of Public Speaking is a performance based class, students often have additional questions concerning this class. Students work independently online as in any online class completing activities such as reading, viewing online materials, writing speeches, posting outlines and/or taking online quizzes are common (check with your instructor for his or her particular course activities).

Below are the answers to the Department's Frequently Asked Questions concerning "Online Public Speaking" as well as advice from past students in this class. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and seek feedback from your instructor via the phone or internet during office hours and by appointment.

All RCTC Online Public Speaking classes require students give their speeches to a live audience.

In most cases, students decide to either: 1) come to campus to present their speech w/smaller groups of their peers on times that are mutually agreeable or 2) create videos of their speeches to an audience that they create using a very strict protocol (clearly explained by each instructor). NOTE - the class is intense online – you need to read on your own, take quizzes on your own, and be responsible for posting and reading feedback, outlines, assignments, etc. In the face-to-face class, we will get to know each other, work in smaller periods of time together and really help you w/your speech anxiety.

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There are two possibilities in a relationship: Written By the Management Study Guide Content Team.

If you take a PE running class, you might need shoes.

If you take an online class, a computer is ultimately necessary. Like any class, if you need any special accommodations, you need to talk to the Student Support Services staff- they can help!

Each online section covers the same "common course requirements" and materials.

Contact your instructor for more information on specific details for any particular section.

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