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Sextus' works have had an extraordinary influence on western philosophy, and this book provides the first exhaustive and detailed study of their recovery, transmission, and intellectual influence through Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

This study deals with Sextus' biography, as well as the history of the availability and reception of his works.

It also contains an extensive bibliographical section, including editions, translations, and commentaries.

"This book is most helpful for those who are interested in the fortuna of ancient skepticism.

210 AD, n.b., dates uncertain), was a physician and philosopher, and has been variously reported to have lived in Alexandria, Rome, or Athens.

Each text includes the original Greek and an English translation for easy side-by-side comparison.It also offers a fine case study about the intricacies of how philosophical texts and ideas were transmuted in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.It deserves a broad audience."-- "An exemplary piece of scholarship....His name carries on with the Gregg Bury Prize, “awarded for a distinguished dissertation on the subject of the philosophy or religion” at Cambridge. His philosophical work is the most complete surviving account of ancient Greek and Roman Pyrrhonism.

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