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Being single at 29 is more than just a little unusual for a Russian woman.

It was not just strange, it looked suspicious, and I felt like a complete idiot every time I had to answer the question "Have you got married?

Though I've never had a problem with getting men's attention, I was not able to find The Man Of My Dreams in my homeland. I don't know, deep inside I now think it was simply not meant to be, I was meant to move abroad and become a writer and start a dating agency, and if I met a partner in Russia I know this would never happen!

:-) Well, it's kind of a joke but as the saying goes 'every joke has a bit of joke, the rest is the truth'...

My cousin married a guy from the USA, and my friends are communicating with Americans, Australians and Europeans.

The idea of relationships between Western men and foreign women was really interesting to me, and that is why I decided to design this site.

You know, marrying a foreigner is one of the hottest topics in Russia.

My last position before I left Russia was as a regional manager of a large marketing agency (one of 22 regional offices), where I had 150 people working for me and quite a comfortable income.I found that there are two types of myths in Western society regarding Russian women, positive and negative, both are far from the truth.Even if there is a grain of truth in some of them, they are usually totally wrong about the reasons for the phenomena.(Today it happens much faster, Skype and cheap international calling rates help...) Pretty soon I got pregnant with our fist child and in another couple of years we had our second.I still keep in contact with my Russian friends, and my successful story has encouraged many of them to try the same way.

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