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It's an adorable hand-written scrapbook of their best memories together so far. AND THEN we get this tiny, revealingly juicy insight into the twins' relationship. At points in this experiment I know we were headed towards friendship.

"The start to the best time of Nick Furphy's life!!! But for me I have realised I really do want more than that.

"This worked out well for us," Alene says dreamily, as the sun sets. I'm proud of us." "This evening has been absolute bliss," Simon adds. They both agree their feelings for each other are "more than like". POST-DATES The next day, Michelle and Sharon meet up at the beach so that Sharon can gloat about her great time with Nick, and they can wear bikinis. " Meanwhile, Nadia invites Vanessa out for a "crisis chat" over juice.

Nadia tells her the million reasons why she doesn't want to move for Anthony.

"I'm trying to tell you that you do know me and there's not much more to me," he says.

"If that's not enough, well, sorry." She realises her extrovert self is going to have to be OK with his general state of sedation, and she's not so sure she is.

Last night, we ranked the couples' final dates from adorably romantic to dreadful.

"Andy really doesn't like talking about the future," Vanessa says.I have seen the door, and for me to walk through it, I need you to find it and walk through it with me.Neither of us want to leave this experiment without giving it everything. ] If you were to find the door that I have found and allow yourself to walk through it this could be a relationship that lasts a lifetime."For him to take the time to write all his feelings down on a piece of paper, it just shows me he's committed to the very end.But it does put a bit of pressure on me." He rambles a bunch more about the door, helping her find it, and them walking through it. But the only door Michelle's walking towards is the exit. ANTHONY & NADIA Anthony and Nadia left their opera singers behind in the wood to find their own way home, while they themselves head to a romantic candlelit dinner.

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