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"Striking a balance between religious and earthly works, art and science, unusual shapes or contents.That’s why you’ll see cartography, scientific drawings and old books alongside prints and photographs." The exhibition is constructed on three pillars: the West, the East and the Arts.Schaeps adds: "Much of our collection comes from donations from scientists.CONCEPT NOTE Asia-Europe People’s Forum 11 Participatory Democracy, Gender Equality and Minority Rights Foundations for Equitable and inclusive societies Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 4-6 July 2016 1. They take the risk to change the World; let’s follow them.

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A score below 70% is considered to be indication that the page is not complying with general SEO standards and should be evaluated and/or fixed.Jef Schaeps, the Special Collection’s curator of prints and drawings, explains: "The curators of our sub-collections were allowed to make suggestions about what they really want to show people." And that is why the Aratea, a very rare codex dating from around 840 containing classical learning on astrological figures, is placed next to a copy of the , a Bible printed in four languages by the renowned printing firm Plantijn in Antwerp.This "King’s Bible" was commissioned by Philips the Second (of Spain); a striking detail is that the copy owned by the University Library was donated by Philips’ enemy, William of Orange, in 1575 The series created by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf on the Relief of Leiden in 2011 is only twenty metres away from the oldest printed book owned by the university, by Cicero, printed in 1465. "We have juxtaposed the diversity of the objects", says Christiaan Vogelaar, De Lakenhal’s curator of ancient art.We are working for people-centred responses to the current crises …with priority for poor, excluded and marginalised people. more democratic and accountable institutions must be in place to assure that processes and measures will lead to a just, equal and sustainable world based on respect for gender equality and the promotion and protection of human, economic and socio-cultural rights and environmental security.“ Participatory Democracy, Gender Equality and Minority Rights are fundamental to taking our agendas forward.

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