Kids being bullied online dating

Margaret did a great job on getting my makeup just perfect for every scene! She drove me everywhere – and let me tell you – she is the best taxi service ever!!! Thanks again to anyone and everyone who helped make Adina’s Deck possible… Hi, my name’s Greg Cala, and I played the part of Clara’s Dad in the film “Adina’s Deck”.

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Clara was a fairly easy part for me to play because Clara has “attitude!

This film can help people learn what to do if they are being cyberbullied or if they are the cyberbully!

During the whole film process, my favorite scene would definately have to be the one in the kitchen with my dad and Adina – because when we would have to take breaks, we got to eat the cookie dough (yummy! That one just stands out (could it of been the cookie dough?

For some reason, I had a feeling I was going to get the role. There were a lot of people waiting to audition and when I finally got into the room, I was ready to roll.

Aside from reading the scene, we got to do some improvisation, which I love.

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