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Castiel suggests that a guilty-feeling Dean take some time off as things are quiet, however, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a mysterious red-haired woman (Ruth Connell) sits in a hotel room under two men staked to the ceiling.

Following Dean becoming human again, he and Sam have taken a break from hunting, until they find what seems to be a werewolf case in Durham, Washington.

Crowley confesses that he has been sending Abaddon loyalists after Dean to sate Dean's bloodlust.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Dean have a falling out after Dean refuses to follow Crowley's orders and embarrasses him in front of his demon subjects.Dean tricks Kate into leading them to her sister, but Tasha reveals that she now has a "pack" consisting of two men she has turned, and has the boys captured.She offers Kate to join the pack as well if Kate kills Sam and Dean, but Kate refuses and, realizing that the sister she knew is lost to her, kills her before making her escape. At the end of the episode, Dean accepts that he's not ready to get back into hunting yet, but feels he has to as he wants to do good after doing so much bad.Cole then ambushes the brothers and takes Dean on in a fight, but is easily defeated.Dean leaves him alive so that he will have to live with the shame of having been unable to avenge his father.

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