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The difference is they just don’t talk about it all the time.

And if they do then usually it’s their best female friend that they talk about how they really feel instead of their boyfriends. And what I just explained should answer that question quite easily.

I know this may not sound like the common thought of most westerners that Asians and especially Thai people enjoy their life how it is and don’t worry too much about problems or what might happen in the future, but in my opinion they do think and worry a lot more than we do.And there’s more to the marrying part: Ever heard of Sin Sod (sǐn sɔ̀ɔt, สินสอด)?That’s the amount of money you need to pay your future wife’s parents in addition to promising of taking care of her and it’s not uncommon that you’re looking at a 6-figure number here as a form of expressing your gratefulness to the family.If you are ever thinking about marrying a Thai woman then what you should be aware of is that you are not marrying only one person but a whole family and are supposed to take part in all sorts of social gatherings but also the moment you are asking her parents for permission to marry her you need to promise them to take care (in Thai “duu lɛɛ”, ดูแล) of her always.In many cases they even want to have a look at your bank book (or book bank) to check on your savings and regular income.

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