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, are pointer files that help you locate dozens of other users' computers.

You then connect to those private computers with your special torrent software, and copy their music and movie files to your own computer.

The Best VPN Service Providers Simultaneously, a VPN will bounce your signal off multiple servers, making your physically very difficult to trace.

More » Torrent downloading requires special software that can read TORRENT files.

If you don't employ a hardware router or software firewall with your modem, then setup will likely take only 30 minutes of choosing and installing your bittorrent client.

If you do use a hardware router or firewall (which is a smart way to configure your home machine), you are likely to get "NAT" error messages at first.

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If you recall the model of the 1990s, bittorrent swarming is the same, but with sharing incentive added.

Instead of "publisher servers" dishing out files, torrent users do the file serving.

Torrent users voluntarily upload their file bits to their swarm without payment or advertising revenue.

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