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This means we can only use and gather archived or stored information.

As such this information can be out of date or incorrect as we are limited to results gathered from a third party.

Post mortem the target may be able to go back and discover the reconnaissance activities but they shouldn’t be able to attribute the activity back to anyone.

Keep in mind that for the purposes of my demonstration, even those activities that might be considered semi-passive do not stray outside the bounds of navigating a site in the manner that was intended.

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The key here is not to draw attention to our activities.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I will only demo activities that can be undertaken external to the target organization.

When you perform passive recon activities for a pentest or assessment you’ll undoubtedly have an agreed upon target and scope.

Semi-passive Information Gathering: The goal for semi-passive information gathering is to profile the target with methods that would appear like normal Internet traffic and behavior.

We query only the published name servers for information, we aren’t performing in-depth reverse lookups or brute force DNS requests, we aren’t searching for “unpublished” servers or directories.

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