Divorce rates online dating comprar revista patrones online dating

The local traditions are such that not many men will be willing to marry such an “old” wife.

It is ridiculous, of course, but it also opens up appealing opportunities to the Western men seeking for a bride in the Russian Federation or in Ukraine.

A new economics paper presents some very compelling evidence that it is simply not true.

The ease at which married people can find new lovers online is not causing an increase in marital instability.

The first piece of evidence against an increase in access to the Internet uses state-by-state comparisons of both divorce rates and Internet access.

The second observation is that once people are married, because the cost of continuing to search for a new mate is also low with greater access to the Internet, people might continue to search for a new mate who exceeds the value of their existing mate.They could just be doing what everyone else is doing (i.e. But even without that information, if online dating and social networking sites were a major cause of divorce we would expect to see some evidence of this in a detailed data set like the one used in this analysis. You would be surprised how silent academic research is on this issue.I haven’t even been able to find any evidence that infidelity is a cause of divorce, so it isn’t that surprising that Internet-aided infidelity is not driving divorce rates.The divorce rate both for Russia and Ukraine among the couples who met on online dating sites is devastating – over 5 divorces per 1000 married citizens.The statistics in the Western Europe for international couples who met online are way more favorable – around 2 divorces per 1000 people.

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