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Hurricane Harvey in Hollywood caused fatal damage to predatory male behavior and was the catalyst for Time’s “Person of the Year”, the #Me Too movement.

If evidence was required to show that money doesn’t buy happiness, exhibit A would be a soaring Global stock market, which we predicted last year. Exhibit C would be an economy that had its fastest growth since the New Millennium. Paul Getty’s character in All the Money in the World.

The seeds of this wave were sown thirty years ago when the number of women in universities started to exceed men. And in a knowledge based economy and Global marketplace, it makes the difference for not only how well an individual does, but also how well a company and a country does. But those that conduct business as usual will be in peril.

Given the strains on Mother Earth caused by Global growth and the Millennials’ hyper-concern for protecting the planet, Sustainability became the World’s greatest innovation challenge. A likely victim of the enormous power and influence it has achieved is the tech industry, which now boasts the seven largest market capitalization companies in the World.

Two of the most overwhelming shifts of power have an undeniable common denominator — investment in education.

President Xi gave a four hour long speech to the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Party Congress in October, and approximately 25% of it was devoted to the importance of education as a competitive weapon.

Quietly, the likely winner for the first public company to reach one trillion isn’t a tech company.Other than the investment banks who have been scratching and clawing to be an underwriter for its IPO, the company that if it went public today would be twice as large as Apple is unknown to most of the World. Aramco is targeted to go public with an estimated trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) market capitalization.The expected “float” or amount sold to the public is expected to be 5% of the company or 0 billion.But what is clear is that the World is paying attention.Interestingly, despite the hysteria, President Trump’s approval rating is essentially where President Obama’s was after the first year of his presidency.

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