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CONAN: So you’re saying before you date the person, with the help of your therapist, you quiz them? WHITNEY: It's a Freudian quiz which tells you about someone's subconscious. As long as nothing is getting in my ass, I'm all right. That the first thing I need to know is your favorite animal.

I am sorry it didn't continue because I really liked all the characters, especially TJ Storm as the black warrior. Don't you want to share that in WHITNEY: no, I think some things are better kept secret. CONAN: No, I just saw a picture of someone on the Internet so I went and found them. WHITNEY: you either meet a husband or you get murderered. WHITNEY: the definition of love is being married to someone that you yourself want to kill. So what is different about this guy that -- than all the other guys? WHITNEY: I am not allowing him to see my standup comedy. Why would you not want him to see you -- WHITNEY: that's very nice. I don't watch his porn, he doesn't watch my standup.

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