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Now in the person of his successor we are blessed to have a man of such wide experience as a teacher and as a scholar, a man with a remarkable record as an administrator and as a director of a Seminary, a man of God with an established reputation as a wise and humble leader of the hierarchy. Kamal gave generously of his energies in the Sodality, library and Al- Iraqi staff. QAIS ASMAR Blessed with a warm and engaging personality, Qais showed a wealth of interests and talents that ranged from the high-jump to languages and philosophy. Debating Scientific Academy Dramatics Al-Iraqi Stqfi BAGHDAD s\BAH DIKRAX A tall, likeable young man. Fifth Row, left to right: Dilawr Ibrahim, Najib Qunja, Sarkis Sinanian, Ramiz Daud, Zia Yusuf. rhird Row: Nabil Tummina, Riadh Hafidh, Khalil al-Janabi, Faisal al-Mumaiz, Harith Sadiq, Sarmad Majid. Fourth Row: Dhia Philip, Muayyad al-Shaikh, Atla Mahdi, Usam Ibrahim, Walid Jazrawi, Sahii* Elias. Fourth Row: Sabah John, Saad Faraj, Walid Kamal, Muham- mad Ali, Khalid Hikmat, Tuma Nisam.

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Walter Young, who has been working chiefly among third and fourth-year candidates.Apostleship of Prayer SAMI HALATA Enthusiastic and personable, Sami found time for multiple activities in addition to class work. Fourth Row: Mamun al-Shawwaf, Moshi Abid, Muhammad Ali Tnlib, Sinan Sadiq, Ghalib Talia, Sabri Akkash, Emmanuel Paulus. Third Row: Gassan Elias, Muayyad Baghdadi, Fakhri Wadi, Nadir Jamshid, Basil Sadiq, Kamiran al-Dabbagh, Sabah Adrian. He loved good music and delighted all with his accordion. Third Row: Ohannes Awakian, Fuad Said, Murad Wartanian, Adnan al-Qalamchi, Ramzi Hamdi, Hatam George. Second Row: Jibran Yusuf, Quraish Yusuf, Shiram Surin, Nabil Shuniyya, Imad Bashir, Ramzi Isa. Apostleship of Prayei Debating Scientific Academy Dramatit i Library Sin// Elocution Contest SENIOR Mr. First Row: Livon Dramirian, Amir Edward, Dilair Arma- ghani, Fr. J., Sabah al-Ubaidi, Nabil al-Azzawi, Mukhlis Edward. Yahya Barsoum Fifth Row, left to right: Surin Wartanian, Victor Kivorkian, Salih al-Nassuli, Peter John, Azam Rabia, Ghalib Saigh. Second Row: Muhammad al-Shakarji, Basil Hanna, Hafidh Abbas, George Yuil, Nadhir Abbas, Sabah Dawisha, Nazar Daud. A series of days of recollection on school holidays, a pilgrimage to the churches of Baghdad, daily Mass and Rosary in the Sodality chapel — these were some of the signs indicating our pursuit of the first aim, A school-wide collection of clothing for the poor, teaching catechism in Sulaikh and the Gailani camp, spread of devotion to Mary and Her Rosary, frequent reception of the Eucharist in and out of school — these were some of the activities inspired by the second aim. 747* PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AL IRAQI 139 fl&t Cl GYM SHOES A MUST FOR ALL SPORTS TIhe are mac Ie of superior w Ihi'te, NAvy blu E, b ROWN or q REy duck wjt Ih Thick outer so Ie JUMBO — sp ECJAlly buil T fo R youqs TERS ANd ^fg| . A-^o-WI 0; ji JI J^Jc]\» JUil (j^j ^J jl j Jb Ui J ao UJi Jl^j . 5j-iil Jl jj V, i^l Jl jj Jl - o JL^UU Jl ryxil ,0)1 do Jl Jy^ Jl — 1 j U-U JJUaill JU c jtf JU J ^j y*~J ^JL&I. A strong interest in chemistry points to thai field for the future. Second Row: Kadhim Nasir, Talal Fuad, Namir Faiq, Mushtaq Matti, Nidhal Mansur, Raad A-Jabbar, Varujan Wartkis. Third Row: Fakhri al-Hilali, Albert Marugil, Ramzi George, Munthar Philip, AM Shamsaddin, Muhammad Khalil, Zuhair Balal. Our Sodality activity has followed the recognized Sodality program aiming at holiness among its members and aid to others, both spiritual and temporal. Jlilj 4^- -)c\ Ja V JI'^Jl IJLa aj U-I jp J/j-il v» ^ ti lib ^j ^jli^.1 Li Ijo^-lj . — A^jy Jl A4^/lj jl^il s__-*-i Jl Z*j£- *X-\p Slji jj J^Ss^- ^-U a Jj JI jlj Aj^lll o;^l J j Lui ^jl — j lil — V . X*»il , Ip v_a5o1i Iaji-o JI**i1 jlj a^».iv«/» Lj aj — £ . ^_jcl Jl Ijla s L/I y~l L^a J , " i m « •* * ^ - - - v" - -.

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