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The centre has also raised three lion cubs who are currently developing into fully grown predators before they are transferred to other parts of the country which the lion population has decreased due to human influences such as hunting.This is a programme designed for volunteers interested in having a truly African experience while making a difference to the local wildlife and environment.

The centre has been lucky enough to see the birth of a Bengal tiger cub after an arduous 4 years of work and research.

The morning session is often more physically demanding where temperatures are relatively cooler running from around 9.30-13.00.

A lunch break then follows with the afternoon session usually running 14.30-16.30 thereafter.

For example, the wild dog is one of South Africa’s most highly endangered mammal.

As a hunter and meat eater requiring an extensive habitat, it is constantly in competition with humans, in particular with livestock farmers. Their population has deteriorated at an alarming rate.

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