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They have the capability to create useful programs and in the sense of actual medicine are quite good, but have opted to promote treatments of either unknown efficacy or that are ineffective.A prime example is the young adult program at UCLA.The patient population is significant; each year approximately 70,000 AYA cancers are diagnosed in the US, and an estimated one million worldwide.Young adults are roughly six times more likely to be diagnosed than children under 15.The types of cancer diagnosed can be more prevalent in either the pediatric or alder adult populations.In addition, due to the age of the patient population there are additional concerns such as fertility, graduating university, and starting a family.Concerning the treatments used in dedicated integrative settings, they vary by center but none are unique to these programs and they have all been thoroughly analyzed on SBM and elsewhere.The treatments are either nonsense or a legitimate part of medicine that proponents try to pass off as integrative with the marketing term “holistic”.

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The only place where this program seems to come up short is that they don’t seem as committed to clinical research for the age group, which is an important issue as AYA cancers are by far the most underrepresented in the field of research.A good example of what a dedicated program for AYAs could look like is Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.The center includes a dedicated onco-fertility program which is essential when dealing with younger patients as many treatments can alter or completely destroy fertility.Integrated (but not integrative) care settings for AYAs hold the possibility of tremendous benefit for patients if done correctly and pseudo-medicine is excluded.There are centers that for the most part aim to do this but unfortunately there are many that utilize every bit of quackery they can get their hands on.

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