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An AA member can walk into a meeting anywhere and feel at home. Some meetings are “speaker meetings” where one individual talks, usually sharing the story of his or her recovery.

Others are “discussion meetings” where everyone shares, talking about a topic or whatever is on his or her mind.

In all meetings, attendees are urged to observe the confidential nature of the sharing, expressed by the saying, “What you see here, stays here.” Sometimes you may encounter a meeting composed of professional men and women.

There are organizations such as International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous or International Lawyers in Alcoholics Anonymous (org).

There are also “Big Book” or “Step Meetings” where AA literature such as are read and discussed.

Sometimes, anecdotes express important lessons in AA, or “the Program,” as some members refer to it.

The SAA program offers a spiritual solution to our addiction, without requiring adherence to any specific set of beliefs or practices. Over time, the spiritual principles in the steps become integrated into our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

We find that we are not only working the steps — we are living them.

Many of the lawyer assistance programs (LAPs) feature meetings for lawyers only.

If you are interested in attending an AA meeting or any of the other 12-step programs, please call your local LAP for information about a meeting near you.

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